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One Day Workshop on

"Managing Yourself and Leading Others"

Date: - Friday, 27th March -2020

Venue: - NMA House



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Membership of the Association shall be open to private/ public, Government, Corporate, Companies, Firms, Association, Institutions, Organizations,  Corporations and Individuals interested in furthering the objectives of the Association. The Association shall have the following  types of memberships:-

All firms, companies, institutes organizations and corporations eligible for organizational membership under Clause 3.1.2 of these Rules and all persons eligible for professional Membership under Clause 3.1.3 of these Rules shall be eligible for enrolment as patron Member on the payment of prescribed fee which may be revised from time to time. Such organization shall have the right   to nominate their representative to caste votes for the election of Executive Committee members. They shall also have the right to contest elections of office bearer and member of the committee. The Patron Member shall be eligible to nominate one of their members free of cost in any paid programme of NMA.

All firms, companies, organizations, institutions and corporations which subscribe to the objectives of the Association shall be eligible for enrolment for Organisation Membership on payment of prescribed fee. Such organization shall have the right to nominate their representative to caste vote in the election of Executive Members. They shall also be eligible to nominate any one of their representatives to contest elections of the executive committee.

Professional Members who have attained the age of 21 years and who have been engaged in the profession of management for at least 2 years. They should possess a degree or diploma in management from a recognized university or institution or have undergone a junior management training within the organization or  have participated in a young Managerís  Development  Course or an extended functional management  course conducted by a recognized body. Those who are engaged in management teaching and/ or  research, junior officers in management or  trade associations, chambers of commerce and Private/ public or in Government of India  service and or State Government Services are eligible provided they are graduates and  possess minimum of two years  experience in  management or any other professional attainments.

Any  individual engaged in or having  an interest in management  but  who is not eligible to become  professional member as defined in item 3.1.3(a) could be enrolled as a member with the specific  approval of the Executive  Committee. However the Executive Committee will have the power  to relax any of the conditions.

Those are pursing  management  studies in a University or a recognized Institution shall be eligible for Student Membership (Application for Student Membership shall be sponsored by the University/Institution in which the candidate is enrolled as a student). No such member shall remain a Student Member after reaching the  age of 25 years or on completion of the professional course, which ever is earlier

Any firm, company, Organization,  Corporation, Trust, Institution or Individual shall be eligible for enrollment  as Life Member of the Association on payment of such  amount  as may be determined by the  Committee from time to time.

All Firms, Companies,  Organizations,  Corporations, enrolled through AIMA shall be eligible to become Combined AIMA-NMA Organization  Member, on payment of admission fee and annual subscription in accordance with  AIMA Rules.

The admission fee and annual subscription for the four categories of combined professional  Individual Members payable  through AIMA shall not be less than 50 present of the amount for  admission fee and annual subscription  as may be fixed  by the  All India Management Association from time to time.

Individuals who have rendered outstanding  services in the field  of management  may be  elected  by the Committee to the Honorary Membership  of the Association. The  member so elected shall have no liability  to pay  admission fee and annual subscription.

Any individual or organization or a government  or semi-government body, concerned with one or more aspects of management, may be invited by the Committee to become a Co-opted Member for such period as may be decided without  liability to pay admission  fee and  annual subscription, provided  however, that the  member so invited shall have no right to vote



For Organizational Members
AnnualSubscription Rs. Life MembershipRs  Download Form
Organisation Turnover      

Upto 5 crore

Rs. 2000



Upto 5 crore upto 50 crore

Rs. 3000/-


Over 50 crore upto 100 crore

Rs. 5000



Over 100 crore

Rs. 10,000

Rs. 1,00,000/-



Rs. 3000/-

Rs.  30,000/-


Individual Members
  AnnualSubscription Rs. Life MembershipRs  Download Form





Individual /Professional/Members

Rs. 600/-

Rs. 6000/-


Management Student Member

Rs. 300/-(for two years)



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